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My Books

A mad tyrant has dark plans for the world. One woman can stop him — but is she willing to risk everything?
Wife: Murdered. Children: Stolen. Days to get them back: 99. Mission: Hopeless. His determination: Unstoppable. NOW ON SALE!
10-year-old Kertram is transformed from a meek, mild boy into a bold, fearless one. His new self is soon tested against the most fearsome beast alive.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

I’m glad you asked. For me, writing is an exploration. I put on my virtual pith helmet, grab my machete and start hacking through my mind, trying to find stuff that’s interesting. Mostly I just want to tell a good story; I don’t have grandiose ideas of changing the world through my prose (that would be nice, but nah — it ain’t happening).

I write mostly in the fantasy genre. I’ve loved fantasy since discovering Frodo, Gandalf and Smaug when I was still Hobbit-sized. For me, “The Lord of the Rings” represented how I *wanted* the world to be. (Heck, I’d still pay a lot of money for a ticket there, if anyone has one to sell.) After that, it was “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”, “Sword of Shannara” and any other fantasy novels I could get my hands on. The library was one of my very favorite places to be — I did more traveling there than anywhere else.

I’ve written in many other genres over the years (mostly during my unprofitable days writing screenplays), including historical fiction, mystery, thriller, western and contemporary drama. But I always seem to come back to fantasy (not sci-fi; I love reading it, but for some reason, writing it doesn’t appeal). It’s amazingly hard, since you have to make up *everything* you write about. But that’s part of the appeal for me — I get to explore further than I do if I stick to the close confines of this universe.

Ultimately, writing is part of my soul — I do it because I must. I don’t write to feel alive — I write because I *am* alive.