This has been vexing me for months. The site-building software I use is called Divi, from the company Elegant Themes. It’s been great stuff, except for one thing: I could not get the blog to have the same look and feel as all my other pages. It annoyed me terribly: I’m not a perfectionist about many things, but when it comes to my writing and my (still-in-progress) brand, I want everything to be right. And this blog wasn’t, even when everything else was.

Well tonight I just happened across another blog post that solved my problem. Eileen Lonergan, you don’t know me, but I owe you big time! For those of you who might care, all I had to do was create the blog page in Divi, and then change one setting in my “Settings/Reading” part of my dashboard. On the “Posts page” setting dropdown are all of a site’s pages. I had it set, naturally enough, to “Blog.” It needs to be set instead to “Select”: in other words, not set to any page within my site. See the screenshot for the correct setting. Once I changed that, voila! Success!

Eileen, once again, you have my profound gratitude. I owe you a free copy of all of my books!