Lots of blogs are started with raging enthusiasm — bloggers post every single day, and even twice a day or more! Then, after a month or so, or maybe a year, posts start coming less often, until the initial gusher slows to a trickle. In a few years, there’s no posting at all.

My plan is to follow that outline exactly! (See my exclamation points? That means I’m really, really, really excited about what I’m writing!) No, I actually hope to keep this blog going for a long time. How long? Well, until I get tired of it. Which is, hopefully, never.

I’ll blog about anything and everything I find interesting. That’s a lot of stuff, because frankly, I don’t know that much. I love learning about the world. So we’ll see where this goes. And my fervent hope is that, five years from now, I’m still blogging regularly. We’ll see.