So I guess it’s time for an update! I haven’t neglected this blog because I haven’t had anything to write — on the contrary, it’s because I’ve been writing diligently that I haven’t been writing here.

I just crossed the 105,000-word mark on the sequel to “99 Days”. That means the book is about 400 or so pages now. I anticipate it being closer to 500 pages when all is said and done. And I’m just starting on the climax scenes now. It’s been a long buildup, but the end is in sight, and that’s exciting.

I anticipate having a first draft finished within the next month. Then comes the work of editing, which will be several months more of work. Then sending to beta readers, getting a cover done, setting a release date, etc., etc., etc… This self-publishing thing is hard, but so worth it.

This will also be the third book in my trilogy, which is thrilling — and something I never thought I’d do just a few short years ago. Pretty cool stuff.

That’s all for now — back to writing!