173 Peloton Rides

Should you get one? Short answer: Yes!

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February of this year, one of the very first things I did was call up this company I’d heard about that built this spin bike system that connected you with instructors and a community via the Internet.

I’d heard about Peloton some time before, and seen the commercials, but never could find the justification to cough up the dough necessary to get one. That all changed with my diagnosis. I needed to lose weight, and keep that weight off. It was part of a major lifestyle change to keep me alive and away from insulin (which is needed by Type 1 diabetics), along with all the horrible consequences of unchecked diabetes.

Since I got on the bike and started killing carbs and sugar, I’ve lost about 25 pounds. The holidays have managed to reverse that trend a bit, but I’m starting to reverse the reverse, and lose weight again.

So anyway, I did a short New Year’s Eve ride today, and checked my stats on usage (another advantage of the system). I discovered I’ve done 173 rides since mid-February. Not bad — I’d hoped to have more rides under my belt, but I’ll take that as a start. I’m using the bike regularly, which is really the key — most of us have stories about starting an exercise program, only to abandon it within six months. Not this time.

In future posts I’ll go into greater detail about the pros and cons of the Peloton, but the short version is that I love it. Love, love, love it. I highly recommend the bike and company.

The big question — will I do a ride on New Year’s day? I plan on it…

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