Glucose 96 Makes Me Happy

The holidays are safely past, so I did my first glucose check of 2019. Good news — the number was 96, post-prandial (which means after eating).

Yay for me!

This is very good, as my glucose readings had started creeping up. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year, so I check my glucose regularly. Spiking glucose is very bad for diabetics. It signals that there’s more sugar in your blood.

Right after Thanksgiving last year, a morning read (also known as a fasting read, since you take it when you get up) was 120. That’s way too much for me, especially having not eaten for so long.

Then the holidays came along, and I wasn’t nearly as careful as I should be. I don’t go crazy anymore with sweets and carbs, but I wasn’t exactly being strict, either. In fact, I didn’t check my glucose at all in December — a real no-no.

I’ve started back on the healthy eating path again — no sweets, closely watching carbs, smaller portions — and it’s been working, as the 96 shows. For me, anything under 100 is very good, and in fact is in the normal range for someone even without diabetes.

The long-term damage from diabetes can be horrendous. I need to do better, even over the holidays. Almost sounds like a New Year’s Resolution, eh?

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