A New Look for a New Year

My former plane. She’s still a looker!

Welcome to my new look! It seemed appropriate that as we move into 2019, I update the look and feel of the website.

I liked the old site, but this one will work better for me, I think. More functions are automated, saving me a lot of time. And now that I’m going to focus more on blogging than in the past, a change was necessary.

There’s a lot going on for me in the new year. I have a fantasy novel that’s made the finals of the most prestigious contest in the industry for self-published books. That is very exciting indeed. Read more about it here. The hashtag, if you want to follow its progress on Twitter, is #SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off).

I also have a new book that I’m sending out to agents, attempting the traditionally-published route. There are pros and cons to both traditional- and self-publishing, but for this book (which isn’t a fantasy), I want to try the “trad” method. We’ll see what happens. I will, of course, update you on my progress.

I’m also getting back into something I’ve wanted to pick up again for a long time. I’m going to start flying again! Yep, I’m a private pilot, but am long dormant. That means I’m basically starting from zero again, all the way back to ground school.

Speaking of flying, I used to own an airplane. But I moved years ago, my mortgage doubled, and that was the end of that! I ended up selling the plane to a Swedish strawberry farmer (no joke!) In an interesting twist, my plane ended up being featured on a Wikipedia page for that style of plane (an RV-4, for those of you interested.) A picture of that plane is at the top of this.

It’s a nice metaphor, I think, for the coming year: exploring new horizons, trying new things, and lots of excitement ahead!

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