Getting Secure

Just so you know, this site is in the process of being secured. Now, when you click on, you get a “Not Secure” warning next to the URL. That simply means that I haven’t installed a security (SSL) certificate.

The certificate has been purchased and is “in validation,” the security company says. In other words, they’re verifying that it’s really me that owns this site, and you can trust that any information you give me is secure.

Of course, I don’t sell anything from the site, so at present it’s a moot point. But I might in the future, so it will become increasingly important in the future.

One significant negative of not having a certificate in place is that I get dinged from Google, and my rankings aren’t as high as they would otherwise be. I can understand that, although I may not agree with it. The vast majority of sites aren’t selling you something, and it costs money to secure your site. But in the end, it’s probably better for sites to be secure rather than insecure, even if you’re not asking for PII – personally identifiable information. That way, you don’t have to wonder.

All this means that yes, you can be on the site with no worries, even though it’s currently “Not Secure!” I expect it to be fully compliant with common security standards within the next day or so.

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