I Made the Finals!

I’m honored and humbled to announce that my book “The Anointed” has made the finals of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off! The SPFBO, as it’s known, is open to authors who’ve self-published a fantasy novel. My book was in competition with 300 other fantasy books, and it’s made the top 10!

I’d like to thank Kitty Gray, the judge for my book, for naming it her finalist (you can see her video review of it here). Kitty is one of 10 judges (or groups of judges) in the contest. They each got 30 novels to review, and choose one book to move on to the finals. I was lucky enough to be named the finalist from her group. Thanks, Kitty!

Every writer has to deal with rejection. In fact, we tend to suffer rejection much, much, MUCH more often than we get any praise or notice. This is specially large problem in the self-publishing industry, in which it’s still assumed that self-published books are less worthy than traditionally-published ones. This perception is changing, but slowly.

The SPFBO is doing its part to help that transformation. Books that make it to the finals are generally very high-quality (and I hope mine falls into that category). Readers can have confidence in those books, since they’ve been reviewed by veteran fantasy bloggers (all of them are well-known in the industry). It also goes to show that self-publishing doesn’t automatically mean “not good enough to get a traditional publishing contract.” Many of these books are certainly worthy, but their authors, for one reason or another, have chosen the self-pub route.

I’ll update you on the contest as soon as I hear more. Fingers crossed!

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