Links for the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

In my previous entry, I mentioned how stoked I was to be named a finalist in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. Well, I’m still stoked! One reason is because “The Anointed,” my book, is in competition with so many other great fantasy novels. Today, I wanted to include some links having to do with the contest (also known by its acronym, SPFBO). Check out these links:

  • Popular fantasy author Mark Lawrence is the czar of SPFBO. Here’s the official SPFBO page. If you scroll down, you’ll find information about previous contests.
  • This page gives some stats that break down the authors by various categories.
  • Here’s where you can find the list of finalists (including my entry)
  • This is a Goodreads page dedicated to the competition.
  • Finally, here’s the YouTube channel for Kitty Gray, the judge for the 30 books in my group.
  • The Twitter hashtag for the contest is #SPFBO. Some good stuff on there!

As you can see, the contest is quite a big deal for those of us in the self-published community. I’m honored to be part of it!

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