Passing ’99 Days’

It happened this morning, while I was plugging away at my latest fantasy novel. I crossed over the 109,000-word mark. That makes “The Anointed,” my sequel to “99 Days,” my biggest book ever.

And I’m not near done yet. I’m now thinking this book may end up with another 20,000 words, give or take. That means it’ll definitely be pushing 500 pages when I type “The End” within the next month or so.

One important thing I’ve learned during all this is that yeah, I do like to write long. I like getting in characters’ heads, finding out what makes them tick. I like complex stories with a lot of moving parts. I like big stories that take their time to develop. And most important of all: my novel-writing skills are improving daily. It’s exciting!

I don’t know if the sequel will ever be a best-seller, or even do much business. But as I get older and do this more, that’s becoming less and less important. What is important is that I’m telling my stories, and getting better at it.

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